$13 Million Dollar Vietnamese Online Gambling Sites Arrested

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In the article on $13 Million dollar Vietnamese online gambling sites arrested article we are going to discuss the Vietnamese online gambling site that had $13 million dollars seized. If you like betting on sports take a look at the best Asian Sportsbooks online. If you like playing real money casino games check out the USA Online Sportsbooks with casinos gambling sites.

There are many different sides to this story. The Thanhnien News stated that there were twenty-eight people that are to stand trial for their involvement in the Vietnamese online gambling ring. However a different article from the “HCM CITY (VNS) — The People’s Court in HCM City on Tuesday handed down prison sentences ranging from nine months to eight years to 56 people involved in illegal online gambling on the website188bet.com.” tells a different story.

Online Gambling News $13 Million Dollar Vietnamese Online Gambling Sites Arrested

It was said that allegedly Pham Huy Toan, who is a thirty-eight year old man that lives in Ho Chi Minh City, was arrested for his involvement in the online gaming activities. There are several other people that bet on sports and play online and mobile casino games for real money that are awaiting sentencing, however it appears that Pham Huy Toan from lives in Ho Chi Minh City was the leader in this Vietnamese online gambling site.

In the article from Thanhnien News it alleged that Pham Huy Toan from lives in Ho Chi Minh City ran the online gambling site website188bet.com. website188bet.com accepted real money players from the United States of America, Vietnam, and several other countries. It also appears that he accepted over 13 million dollars in real cash money in United States dollars (not Vietnamese dollars) from his customers to place real money sports wagers and play casino games online.

The experts that have been following the Vietnamese police bust $13 million gambling ring article have said that he moved his money from the United Kingdom and other countries prior to cashing in Vietnam.

This topic has been going around the online sports betting forums for a while and it appears that one person from the GPWA stated ‘Funny I used to get 188 Bet flyers in the mail’. There are still many differences in the number of people that were arrested by the Vietnamese Police. In the article from the “HCM CITY(VNS)” it stated that there were 56 people but in the prior article it stated that there are only 28 men that will stand trial. Top

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