Best Live Betting Sportsbooks for 2014 NFL Season

What are the best live betting Sportsbooks for 2014 NFL season seems to be a question going around many of the USA friendly Sportsbook betting forums. One thing that seems to confuse people is the differences of live betting and in-play wagering. In-play wagering has a lot more limitations than USA Online Sportsbooks that offer live betting extra like BetAnySports.

About BetAnySports Live Betting Extra

Best Live Betting Sportsbooks for 2014 NFL Season

BetAnySports is a USA friendly online Sportsbook that offers their American customers the live betting extra product. Live betting allows USA sports gamblers to place their wager anytime during the game. For instance lets say The New York Giants are playing The Dallas Cowboys and you have already placed your wager but you see that The Dallas Cowboys are starting to gain momentum. You can simply log onto your BetAnySports player account, check out the live lines, and place your NFL wager at any point in the game. In-play wagering only allows American residents that bet on sports to place their wager during halftime or between football quarters. Now that the 2014 NFL season has started and we have a ton of NFL games to bet on for Sunday’s football matchups, live betting Sportsbooks can help someone that likes to bet on sports capitalize on a teams momentum and make some extra money. If you do not have an account with BetAnySports you can claim your exclusive thirty percent welcome bonus when you sign up through our links or banners and enter bonus code EVBETS. This will allow you to get more bonus money than what other online Sportsbook review websites offer. Most review websites offer twenty-five percent, WE OFFER 30%. Does this answer the question “Best Live Betting Sportsbooks for 2014 NFL Season”?

Best Mobile Live Betting Sportsbook Apps

We will tell you about one greater USA online Sportsbook that has a mobile application, and live betting extra. BetOnline has a mobile application and also have live betting extra. They are a great USA friendly Internet and mobile Sportsbook. When you sign up through one of our links or banners you will be able to get your exclusive twenty-five percent welcome bonus that can go as high as $1,000! We hope that you have a better understanding of what the best live betting Sportsbooks for the 2014 NFL Season is. Top

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